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About us

About Us

Ahsan Open Academy is a gateway to Knowledge, which aims to educate the youth with the treasures of Knowledge. In current times, many atheistic movements are straining every nerve to deviate the Muslim Youth from the Straight Path. They are using innovative ways to create doubts and hatred for Islam in the hearts of Muslim youth. Missionaries are set on this mission by spending millions of dollars. On the other hand, Muslim youth are being indulged in Khwariji activities which help Islamphobic people to easily malign the image of Islam in front of the world. Therefore, the need of the hour is that the people of Knowledge upon the correct Belief (Aqeedah), Path (Manhaj) and moderate methodology must come forward and shoulder this responsibility of guiding the Muslim youth towards the true Islamic Teachings as it is the youth upon which the foundation of any society is based. So the significance of advising the Youth with patience and right methodology in view of the role of the youth in building and reforming any society; is as significant as the basic needs for survival.

The origin Story

Our Humble Origins

With this insight and the increasing inclination of the youth towards the use of Social Media, I, Dr. Mubashir Ahsan Wani Al-Madni, took the initiative of using the various social media platforms as a tool to impart the teachings of Islam among the youth. It all started in January 2013 with the creation of "WhatsApp Groups" for male and female students and after that this mission of spreading the true knowledge of Islam went from strength to strength. By the Grace of Allaah Subhana hu wa Ta’aala, this step received great feedback and response from the youth and in the same year, in the month of August, I took to Facebook (www.facebook.com/mubashirahsanalmadani) to widen the scope of spreading the true message of Islam. And for the next four consecutive years, the mission of spreading the true knowledge of Islam was carried on these two social media platforms. As the word spread, more and more people wanted to join our WhatsApp Groups, since there is a limit on the number of members you can add in a Whatsapp group, therefore, in April 2017 because of the enormous response I deemed it wise to shift from WhatsApp to Telegram, a better and effective communicating social media application and the Da’wah Activities continued through the:

With the Grace of Allaah Tabaraka wa Ta’aala, the following Dawah works are conducted through Telegram:
  • 1. Jumu’ah Khutbah and General and Special lectures are shared in the main channel.
  • 2. A certificate course based on the series of Triple Talaq Lectures was conducted.
  • 3. A certificate course based on the Weekly "Dars e Bukhari" Series was organised.
  • 4. Questions of brothers and sisters are answered in their respective groups.
Likewise with time, I expanded the Da’wah activities to Twitter (http://twitter.com/Mubashir_Ahsan) and then Instagram. In December 2019 when the world was exposed to the Covid 19 pandemic and eventually due to complete lockdown in Kashmir all the direct modes of education were badly affected, so at this time the need was felt to keep the youth engaged with the Islamic Knowledge, therefore, I took an initiative to start online lectures and in March 2020 a YouTube Channel was created by the name of Shaykh Dr. Mubashir Ahsan Wani al-Madani (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC43TJs7Izg6iY5lKGbBlwVQ). Where various videos are available on different Islamic sciences like Tafseer of Al -Quran Al-kareem, Explanation of Ahadith Nabawi, Islamic Creed (Aqeedah) and Sermons etc

Flash Forward

The Launch

With the passage of time I felt the need to conduct these lectures in a more organized and an efficient manner, wherein a student will go through a proper curriculum. As such I established an online institute by the name of – Ahsan Open Academy – the gateway to knowledge – (https://www.ahsanopenacademy.com) in December 2020. And in April 2021, I, launched an online application by the name of “Ahsan App” as an alternative source for the website and it is easier source for the students of Ahsan Open Academy to watch the daily lectures in a hassle free manner. The application is easily available on the Google Playstore. The world is quite advanced in this field as compared to Kashmir, but it's better to start late than never. It is a first of its kind initiative in Jammu and Kashmir and an amazing opportunity for the knowledge seeking brothers and sisters to gain the authentic knowledge of Islam from the reverent and reliable scholars of Islam from the comfort of their homes and while pursuing their worldly affairs simultaneously. Ahsan Open Academy is an Educational Gateway established with the sole purpose of enlightening youth with the light of knowledge using Information Technology. Since this age is known as Information Age, Digital Age and New Media Age; Ahsan Open Academy is an endeavor towards educational nourishment in this digital revolution.

We request all the sections of society to whole heartedly enroll yourself in Ahsan Open Academy and adorn yourself with the Islamic Teachings. I have started this journey for you people and your support and prayers are highly required and requested.


To Counsel Humanity through Authentic Islamic Knowledge.


To establish an Online Educational Institution where Treasures of Authentic Islamic Knowledge will be readily available and accessible to the world.


  • To have a website to act as an institute and to create a database of Authentic Islamic Content.
  • To impart Authentic Knowledge, Works and Contributions of Major Scholars of Islam.
  • To conduct E-Learning Certificate Courses of Islamic Disciplines with International Standards.
  • To develop Innovative Educational Programs to cater the needs of various sections of the world community.
  • To organise Islamic Webinars with the great scholars of Muslim Ummah.

Ahsan Open Academy is a private institute having no affiliation with any Political or Religious or Government or Non-Governmental Organisation and we do not accept any kind of donations.

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