Disclaimer : We do not accept any kind of donations.


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Fee Refund Policy of Ahsan Open Academy

While inviting admissions in Ahsan Open Academy, we lay down and explain all the terms and conditions in transparent and correct manner. No extent of information is either misrepresented or concealed. As such we make necessary arrangements and calculations of teaching and non-teaching staff based on the admissions we receive. All the clauses regarding the refund policy of Ahsan Open Academy are mentioned below:

  • Ahsan Open Academy is solely a Religious Academy which is aimed to impart the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah.
  • Ahsan Open Academy does not accept any kind of donation. However, this Academy is providing free admission to the students who belong to financially weaker sections of society so that no one is derived from the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah.
  • Financial expenses of Ahsan Open Academy are borne out of the fees that are paid by the students. Ahsan Open Academy frames its educational policies and curriculum after taking into consideration the number of admissions that we receive during a particular semester. The fee is non refundable and once paid no request for refund shall be entertained except in case of extra-ordinary circumstances which will be governed solely by Ahsan Open Academy.
  • However, if any student has deposited the fees twice, then he/she may contact us within 15 days of fees deposit and we shall initiate the process of refund accordingly only after the necessary conditions governed by Ahsan Open Academy are met.
  • Any request for refund without any valid reason shall in no way be entertained.

Ahsan Open Academy is a private institute having no affiliation with any Political or Religious or Government or Non-Governmental Organisation and we do not accept any kind of donations.

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